15 August 2011

15th of Av

Everything in the world has two aspects: a physical and a spiritual. Real serving of G-d requires a combination of these two in whatever we do.  For instance, the mitzvah of tzedakah is fulfilled when  a person physically gives money to charity. The physical aspect doesn’t even require any specific intention. The Talmud  tells us  that if  one person lost money in the street and another, a pauper, found  it, then the former has fulfilled the mitzvah of charity.

The main focus of prayer is to arouse and feel within ourselves love towards Hashem. The love of G-d is a strictly  “spiritual” commandment for, although it's  connected  with the body, it's not material and is independenf of the body.

This is reflected in 15th Av. Talmud tells that  beginning with the 15th  of Av, the nights become longer with those who increase the time spent learning Torah. This also lengthens their days. 

This again is a duality i.e. Torah study (the spiritual) affects a physical aspect (length of days).  This idea of a dual comforting (our efforts towards a complete commitment to G-d) can help us transform the causes of destruction that occurred in the past and thus speed up the coming of Moshiach.

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