26 June 2015

@ The fifth night of Chanukkah

Rabbi Abraham Zvi Greenvald, was born in Lodz, Poland. When he was 17, he was in Warsaw at the wedding of the future 7th Rebbe,Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson whom he personally met. This meeting, my father would later realize, would portend much in the future. A youth of about 17, my father arrived at the wedding together with his relative and teacher, Rabbi Menachem Zemba. On the morning after, Rabbi Zemba told him he was going to visit the bridegroom in the hotel, and if my father wished, he could accompany him. Understandably, my father agreed.

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23 September 2012

@ Rebbe Story #6

A Satmar woman living in Brooklyn was having medical problems and the prognosis was bleak. A friend suggested... Continue 

13 September 2012

@ The Lubavitcher Rebbe on Tefillin

In the early sixties the “mainframe computers” were making their first appearances in businesses.  Professor Avraham Polichenco was a professor of computer science who introduced computers to Argentina. This pioneer was fortunate enough to visit the Rebbe and engage in conversation with him. In one of their conversations the professor asked the following: Continue

12 August 2012

@ Rebbe's instructions for the month of Elul

We should wish each individual Jew and all Jews as one, Ksivah Vachasimah Tovah, Leshanah Tovah Umesukah May you be inscribed and sealed for a good and sweet year!

This should be done through any available method face to face, by word of mouth or in writing. Even if we have already blessed a particular individual, we should nevertheless continue to bless them time and again throughout Elul. 

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@ "We Will Not Fly to the Holy Land on an Airplane!"

The Rebbe said may times that we will not go to the Holy Land on a plane, but rather on the Clouds of Glory.   Continue