27 July 2011

The Gates of Three, Part 1

Three good qualities did G-d create in this world through three tzaddikim (righteous people). The qualities are: old age, gray hair, and sickness. 

1. Old age - through Abraham. From the time of Creation until Abraham was born, there were 20 generations, during all that time they were not plagued with any diseases. When a son was born and became an adult, they could not tell the difference between him and his father or the difference between a teacher and a student and they were not able to extend proper respect because of that. Abraham  however, asked from G-d - " Sovereign of the World, if it pleases you, make a distinction between the young and old, father and son, teacher and student." G-d responded by saying - "it is worth it for me to bestow this quality through this righteous man." (Breishis Rabba 65:9)

2. Sickness - through Jacob, our forefather. Before Jacob's times, a person would die suddenly while traveling, without showing any sings of sickness. But Jacob asked of G-d " Sovereign of the World, let a person get sick and lie on his bed in order to bequeath inheritance to his sons." To this G-d agreed. (Breishis Rabba 49:33)

3. Healing - through Chizkiyohu, King of Judea. From the time of creation, there had been no decease from which a person could recover.  Chizkiyohu prayed to G-d "Sovereign of the World, may it be Your Will that a person may recover and get up from his bed in order to sing praises and offer thanks to You all the days of his life." And G-d agreed.

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