28 August 2011

On that day....

This is how events might unfold on that momentous day. May we witness this immediately, amen.

“By the CNN Wire Staff – Brooklyn, NY.

A couple of reality-defying events are occurring in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn this afternoon and we have yet to hear a plausible explanation as two rabbis who passed away in 1950 and 1994, respectively, have suddenly reappeared together at 770 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn.  Additionally, a huge box-shaped cloud bank the size of  a 30-story building has parked itself directly on top of this corner building.

The rabbis in question, Joseph Isaac and  his son-in-law, Menachem Mendel Schneersohns  were the 6th and 7th rabbis of the Lubavitch  Chassidic movement known for its outreach to Jews throughout the world.  Both men were charismatic leaders born in Russia in 1880 and 1902 respectively. Both  came to these shores on the eve of World War II. 

A huge throng of their followers has formed around the building with crowds estimated at over 500,000.  Some are claiming that this is the beginning of the Resurrection of the dead, a cornerstone belief in Orthodox Judaism.

Most of the non-Chassidic residents of the neighborhood have fled in sheer panic and abject fear leaving property and cars behind. 

It is being reported at this hour that  Arabs  living  around the Temple Mount area have also fled en masse leaving Israeli authorities bewildered but clearly not unhappy over this turn of events. Similar mass fleeings of arabs is being reported all over Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank.  Most of those fleeing are headed over Jordan and disappearing into  the  desert as if following some Pied Piper’s call.

Several police choppers are patrolling the sky's  and police are sending in reinforcements to control the peaceful but clearly excited crowd spilling over for blocks around. 

Several major religious leaders have refused to comment on the implications of this as the news is spreading around the world. Riots are being reported around the Vatican,  Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other major christian and moslem strongholds with rioters shouting slogans blaming their leaders for lying to them.

President Obama will address the nation later this evening. Stay tuned to this unfolding story."

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shimonmatisyahu said...

I'm afraid it won't happen exactly this way. First of all, even Tzadikim who are buried in Chutz La'Aretz can only be revived in Eretz Yisrael, which was Yaakov Ovinu's concern. Secondly, Obama as a anti-Semitic Moslem, will not only not admit to miracles happening for the Jewish people, but is in fact none other than Gog (U'Magog) as proven in the Hidden Codes of the Torah.