05 October 2011

12 minutes to midnight

In the book Matzmiach Yeshua (He who brings about salvation). there is a passage in which the author reports that the Vilna Gaon zt"l (the genius of Vilnius, 1720-1797) said that the war between Gog and Magog - popularly known as Armageddon outside the Jewish world - will last twelve minutes. In those 12 minutes, one third of the world will die, one third will be injured and one third will survive.

This is a repost from here with an interesting commentary:

"Nu, a war so short whether it be 12 minutes or three hours could only end with such finality if the war is nuclear. At this time neither Syria nor Turkey are nuclear powers. Iran is really trying hard to become one at this time, but in part because of Stuxnet it has not yet achieved its goal. The wild card in all this, as Rav Levi Sa'adiah Nachmani said over 15 years ago is North Korea. They have a ton of weapons grade Uranium and Plutonium. And when Olmert was PM, Syria and North Korea were caught with their pants down building a nuclear bomb factory. So bye bye bomb factory. Curious, in Rav Nachmani's discussion of this issue he quotes the pasuk in Ha'azinu, "For fire will have been kindled in My nostrils and blaze to the lowest part of She'ol. I shall consume the earth and its produce, and set ablaze what is founded on mountains." At this point he said that She'ol is a reference to Seoul, that would be in South Korea not North Korea. Now what was Rav Nachmani referring to? I am sure he was saying that the nuclear material for Syria and Iran would come from North Korea not South Korea. So why mention Seoul?

Several years ago I wrote a blog post "Korea is in the Twilight Zone." I postulated that from high noon on Yom Shishi, the year 5751, the world would slowly enter Yom SheKulo Shabbat. This would start to happen about 101 degrees to the east of Jerusalem, for when it is high noon in Jerusalem, the stars have already come out about 101 degrees to the east of Jerusalem at the same time it is sunset 90 degrees to the east of Jerusalem. So that includes about 11 degrees of longitude which are in the twilight zone. The only country that is completely within the twilight zone is South Korea. Yet, the stars come out line is less than two degrees to the east of Kobe, Japan. So to travel about 100 degrees in the 250 years between 5751 and the year 6000, one degree on the globe enters Yom she'kulo Shabbat every 2.5 years. So right on schedule when Kobe, Japan entered yom she'kulo Shabbat between four and five years after the end of 5750, Kobe experienced a massive earthquake. So while the Korean Peninsula began to cross into Yom She'kulo Shabbat in 5771, Specifically Seoul, South Korea enters Yom She'kulo Shabbat in 5775, the coming Sabbatical year. I would venture an educated guess that this very short nuclear war will take place at that time, during the 2nd and final stage of Gog UMagog specifically in the Sabbatical year 5775."

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