21 September 2011

Special Rosh Hashana foods

There are certain, highly symbolic foods eaten over Rosh Hashana
 that carry with them 
wishes and hopes for the new year.

We dip an apple in honey as a wish for a sweet new year.

Carrots, meren in Yiddish, similar to mer (Yiddish for more). 
We ask G-d to increase our merits as well as to nullify 
 negative decrees directed at us (carrot in Hebrew is gezer,  
                 similar to  gzeiros (decrees).  

Onions (karti in Aramaic meaning to cut off). We ask G-d 
 to destroy our enemies. 

Beets (silki in Aramaic, meaning  to remove). We ask 
the Almighty to do away with our enemies.

Dates (tаmri in Aramaic, meaning to destroy). We
ask G-d to destroy all those that hate us (yetamu).

Pumpkin (kara in Aramaic). We ask G-d to rip up (kara
our verdicts and to declare (also kara) our merits. 

Pomegranates  "So that our merits should increase  like
 seeds in a pomegranate". A pomegranate contains 613
 seeds, just like the number of  mitzvos in Torah.

Fish so that we "increase on Earth like fish in the water". 
Torah is our life and we can't exist without it just like fish
can't live outside water. 

Ram's head as a remembrance of the ram sacrificed 
instead of Isaac (Genesis 22:13) with the wish to be
"the head and not the tail" in the coming year.


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