10 July 2011

Jewish Education

We have to apply specific efforts in matters of educating the young of Israel. 
Although there are numerous institutions dedicated to educating our young, there’s still a great number of Jewish children that are in the category of    אובד שה   “stray sheep.”  And even though we live in the United States where people are free to do what they want,  there are many parents who send their children to schools that teach everything the opposite of the straight path and Torah values. 
The truth is, those parents themselves were educated in similar schools and thus can be viewed as kidnapped children, nevertheless it’s imperative that they be made to understand the requirements of a true Jewish education. In our days, when most such people are in the pursuit of the dollar, they need to be reminded that it’s not the goal of their existence and need to be influenced gently but sincerely to change their ways.

משיחת פורים ה'תשמ"ג

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