07 July 2011

A lion's share

This week's Torah portion states: "He crouches and lies like a lion and like a lioness; who will dare rouse him? ”  (Numbers 24:9)
    The Medrash points out that this is a reference to the time of Exile, from King Tzidkiyahu until Moshiach. That even in the time of Exile, the Jewish people are like a lion and a lionesss and there’s no boss over them. It follows that when it comes to Torah and mitzvos, the entire concept of Exile doesn’t apply. 

In order not to get accustomed or even think that the world and/or Exile can control a lion and a lioness, we are shown periodically open miracles even in the time of Exile (such as the release and liberation of the Previous Rebbe, 12-13 Tammuz). This is so that we can acknowledge that even now there’s no one except G-d. 

This is the teaching from the miracles of 12/13 Tammuz:  a Jew has to know and be aware that in any place and at all times he or she is a lion or lioness and are “bnei chorin”,  free people in matters relating to Torah and mitzvos and they are not to be concerned with limitations of time and place.

(From a sicha at a 12 Tammuz farbrengen, 5716)

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