26 May 2011

Ishmael's power source - Part 2

Abraham is called the "Father of many nations" (Genesis 17:5) since besides Jacob, his descendants were the progenitors to European nations (Esau), the arabs (Ishmael) and peoples of the East (India, etc. thru his progeny with Hagar/Ketura). Neverthless, his true descendants, in the sense of embodying his innate divine qualities, are the Jewish people or righteous proselytes.  If that’s the case, how can the nations, whose spiritual status is reflected in the animals that the prophet saw, are able to connect to Abraham? After all, all mankind will worship the oen Creator, G-d of Israel  in the Messainic age.
This can happen through "pere adam" - Ishmael, who, on the one hand, is connected with Abraham (in the aspect of the spiritual man, "Adam"), on the other hand, it is  on the side of  blocked divine consciousness and unchecked self-indulgence  "wild animals"  (the aspect of "pere").

As a general rule, two different entities can be connected  only through an intermediary. That is, the Jewish people (Adam) can not interect directly with the nations, that’s why there is an intermediate stage - Ishmael.

In spite of their many shortcomings, Ishmael’s descendts don’t serve idols, they wholeheartedly believe in the one G-d and that’s how they could influence the world to unite around the true faith.  

That’s the reason why Abraham was under the impression  that the coventant could be fufilled through Ismael.
The Creator , in fact, did not refute this idea, but did indicate something else: that Sarah would give birth to Yitzhak, and he would  become the  true descendant of Abraham, his full-feldged, unblemished successor.


Jesterhead45 said...

The only thing I am willing to concede Ishmael's descendants is that G-d promised they would become a great nation and share the view from the book: the Ishmaelite Exile that the Kingdom of Ishmael, along with a diminished West both represent the feet of clay and iron in Daniel 2.

I have always been of the view that the "System of Ishmael" is a fake-monotheism or perhaps even an evil parody of what the rest of world stereotypes / imagines Judaism as being, who effectively worship a fake-monotheistic deity that was formerly a lunar deity with a wife (solar) and three daughters (stars). (http://www.mesora.org/fakemonotheism.html)

Based on the fact that when the Arab Muslim Janjaweed would kill Black Muslims in Darfur, Sudan, they would proclaim that they have killed the deity of the Black Muslims, as well as the fact that their “war-cry” can be translated as Allah is greater...than whatever god you happen to believe in (including the G-d of Israel), it would be safe to conclude that the Ishmaelite system is pretty much Monolatrism dressed up as “monotheism”. Monolatrism or monolatry is the recognition of the existence of many gods (either as idols or aspects of Satan), but with the consistent worship of only one deity (their Chosen deity).

Lastly, I took the liberty of comparing the attributes of the G-d of Israel and their Deity, and come across the latter’s following attributes which sound more like a typical Ishmaelite dictator that contradicts the idea that both Israel and Ishmael believe in the same G-d, as is often claimed: Al-Mutakabbir (The Proud One), Al-Mudhell (The Humiliator), Al-Muntaqim (The Avenger), Ad-Darr (the Creator of the Harmful), Al-Makkar (The Deceiver), Al-Jabbar (The Despot), Al-Mumit (The Death Giver), Al-Khafid (The Abaser) Al-Qahhar (The Subduer) and Al-Warith (The Inheritor).

On the last attribute, how can an infinite G-d inherit something that is already his? Are Jews not taught that G-d lacks nothing and needs nothing?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jester...

Your enumeration of their Deity's attributes is absolutely crrrreeeepy!

No wonder they act that way... their role model is exactly like that!!

How fortunate are we, to have our merciful G-d, whose 13 attributes are so sweet and noble!!

Shalom from Ro de Janeiro, Brazil.
R. Halevy.