25 May 2011

Ishmael's power source - Part 1

We know that  Yishmoel (Ishmael, i.e. Arabs) calls himself a descendant of Abraham. They’re considered monotheists and their faith is very strong. The Children of Ishmael continue to manifest the main aspect of faith that Abraham  introduced into the world which is the belief in One Creator  and this allows them to go by the name of "pere adam” -  wild man. Wild, but man nonethless. 

In the Torah, there are several descriptions that indicate gradations of man: Adam, Ish, Gever, and Enosh. The word "adam" means a person at a level close to the ideal .

Other nations of the world from the prophecy of Daniel which describes images of animals, do not have the complete spiritual form of Adam, and therefore, their full control isn’t  possible (as the Maharal  from Prague teaches that their kingdoms exist due to the fact that they draw power from  Israel). 

But Ishmael, Abraham's descendant, has the nuance of belonging to a spiritual form of Adam. In this way, since Ishmael is still a descendant of Abraham, he has its own claim to reign, "drawing" power not from Israel but directly from the source. However, this spiritual form of Adam, the inherent Ishmael is pere - wild, i.e. imperfect, unfinished.

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