22 August 2010

Rabbi Askenazi's Letter


The Rebbe's profound public addresses and correspondence have
been published in hundreds of volumes- profound and challenging
insight on the widest spectrum of subjects. In the course of over 42
years, the Rebbe has met with national leaders, cabinet ministers,
military commanders, scientists and experts in a wide range of fields.
All have been impressed by his superhuman qualities and
far-sighted perception, together with his down-to-earth practicality.

The Rebbe has also given practical counsel to hundreds of
thousands of individuals on life-and-death issues and private affairs,
and his blessings have been fulfilled miraculously. Not only his
followers butpeople from all walks of life have relied upon the Rebbe's
advice in all manner of personal and publicissues, even against the
opinions of professionals in serious medical questions, and t
he Rebbe's word shave always proven right. As the Rabbi of Kfar
Chabad, I have been consulted on a multitude of issues in which the
Rebbe has been involved. Through my hands have passed
thousands of his directives and replies to requests for advice
by various individuals.

Not infrequently, his reply seemed to contradict what seemed
correct to ordinary human eyes and intellect, including my own.
Nevertheless, again and again, I was overwhelmed when his reply
proved to be precise and accurate -literally prophetic.

Actually, there is a difference between the Rebbe's prophecies,
of which but a few have been noted above, and his words to
Mr. Gural. (re: precious stones) Here he did not predict the
future but determined an existing fact beyond all possible
doubt - that extraordinary quantities of precious stones and gems
exist in the valley of Zevulun, in the area close to Haifa near
the Kishon river.

These words have even more certitude than the Rebbe's prophecies,
for they attest to a fact. Furthermore, the Rebbe refers to this fact
as "something wondrous" - which must refer to an unusually high
quantity and quality of precious stones and gems. And he said that
"there's no need to be overwhelmed by the fact that it's deep,"
which means that substantial effort should be invested in prospecting
for them until they are found. Based on all the above, I am convinced
that there are great quantities of high-quality precious stones and gems
to be found in that area, and that prospecting for them there is
perfectly practical. To anyone asking my opinion on this, I will
have no hesitation at all in telling him to invest funds in such a project.
And just as the Rebbe's other prophecies have been fulfilled in their
entirety, so will we be privileged to see the fulfillment of this one,too.
I agree to your publicizing my above opinion for any purpose, i
ncluding incorporating it in your company's prospectus. I wish you
and your company great success, and also all who will be involved
in this project.


 Rabbi Mordechai Shmuel Ashkenazi

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