20 March 2008

Mekubalim: Moshiach is Around Us

This past Monday 12 Mekubalim and Torah mystics assembled in Bnei Brak. They usually gather every Monday and Thursday and it's been their tradition to gather Thursday nights by the Mekubal HaRav Yitzchak Kaduri, zs'l, when he was alive. Today, they alternate between Bnei Brak and Rav Kaduri's Yeshiva Nachlat Yitzchak to study and analyze Neviim (books of Prophets).

Forecasting the future is not the main goal of these gatherings, but at this specific gathering, a few 'forecasts' were made regarding the state, economy, and security.

No one should think that the political end of Olmert is near. He will win the next election but will NOT stay in power for long. Within a very few months, there will be a polite wide-scale civilian rebellion and this will bring him down. According to the "forecast," the Knesset will dissipate. In fact, "It is the final days of the Galut and Moshiach is wandering around us."

Concerning the massacre at the Yeshiva Mercaz HaRav, it was said at the gathering that they anticipate a large struggle, "which the 'state' will NOT participate." In other words, there will be retribution but not from the IDF. In their exact words, it will be a vengeance of "נקמה מדאורייתא" (NK: from the Torah). People asked: "Is it permitted to venge this crime?". They answered: "It is an obligation to avenge."

The subject of Yerushalayim was also discussed, and the 'forecast' is a "Confrontation because of what the Muslems are doing at the Mount Temple. Things will be revealed and it will cause uproars, and this will result in shutting it down, for all."

The economy was also discussed and according to the 'forecast,' "The Shekel will continue getting stronger. Many Jews from America and South Africa are making Aliya to Eretz Israel with their money."

Late into the night immediately after the gathering, the group of Mekubalim went to the grave of Shimshon HaGibor, zs'kl (Samson the Hero) near Emek HaEla. There, they led a ceremony of Tikunnim.

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