19 March 2008

The Dollar Purim

* This year, 5768 (2008 למניינם) is the last time ever (at least till the year 6,000) that Purim falls on a Friday, in the year of Shemita, leap year, and meshulash (3-day).

* A tremendeous insight, chasdei HaShem, came to my mind regarding the collapse of the dollar value. Dollar in gematria is 240, same as Amalek. For those that see with eyes of Emunah, HaShem is sending us a very clear message. The collapse of the dollar is very very good news -- it is actually the collapse of Amalek.

* Another very interesting reflection is HaRav Tidhar Shlita said that by Purim, the value of a dollar will be worth $3.36, the same gematria value as PURIM!!!

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