20 November 2011

The Russians are coming...

There's  an oral tradition passed down from the Vilna Gaon (see Chevlei Mashaiach BiZemaneinu, p. 134), that when the Russian navy passes through the Bosporus it will be time to put on Sabbath clothes (in anticipation of the coming Mashiach.)

"The Bosporus is the narrow strait in Turkey that links the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea through the Dardanelles strait. The Jewish sages warned that the generation who witnessed the Russian preparation to invade Israel should prepare their hearts because the coming of the Messiah was at hand."

Haaretz  Published 12:52 18.11.1

Report: Russia warships to enter Syria waters in bid to stem foreign intervention
Syrian official says Damascus agrees 'in principle' to allow entrance of Arab League observer mission; 22-member body proposed sending hundreds of observers to the to help end the bloodshed.

Russian warships are due to arrive at Syrian territorial waters, a Syrian news agency said on Thursday, indicating that the move represented a clear message to the West that Moscow would resist any foreign intervention in the country's civil unrest.



Leah said...

Dum de dum dum....ding.....We should be davening anyway, yet it seems that everysingle day- yes every single day we are getting closer....and it is undeniable.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait!!

in the vanguard said...

The sooner the better, then.
Let's get it on.
We have both "home court" advantage, as well as Hashem to fight our battles!