21 July 2011

When three really are one

"On three things does the world rest: Torah, G-dly service (prayer), and kind deeds" (Pirkei Avos 1:42). 

"World" in a microcosm refers to man and service has to be in a way where it impacts another. This can mean the giving of tzedakah that affects the way he prays afterwards and specifically, this merit enables asking G-d  for one's needs. 

This then leads to the study of Torah in a way of "from the synagogue to the study hall" and thus man is able to comprehend G-d's Torah -  they amuse themselves with it before me.  This ability to understand is a great miracle and can only take place when a person connects him/herself to G-d, this is an aspect of prayer.

These three aspects have to be in a way of a three-branched thread where all three are intertwined together. Even though in actuality,  all three act as one unit, when it comes to tsedaka that's done with sincerity, study of Torah  in a way that he feels that G-d is completely involved, and sincere prayer, this immediately amounts to a three-branched tread.

When a Jew is connected to G-d, even during exile, there's no reason for him to despare , especially if he or she decides to work with all three aspects, as outlined above, with complete sincerety. Additionally, a Jew must not be satisfied with one's own situation but be proactive when seeking out other Jews  to work with and get them involved in the three-pronged approach. All this will have an aspect of prayer and then the good deeds will stand out even more, with greater suceess.

Therefore, the giving of tzedakah that's given after the preparations to Torah study should not be viewed  simply as tithing or giving a fifth of one's earnings  but rather  כל אשר לאיש יתן בעד נפשו
"whatever  a man wil give to save his soul"

From a sicha of 12 Tammuz, 5740 (1980)

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