12 July 2011

Blood money

It’s explained that when the daughters of Zelophechad  demanded  from Moses -  "Give us an inheritance, etc." Moses did not want to adjudicate the case himself, instead, he brought the matter before G-d  "because the daughters of Zelophehad revealed in their claim that their father was not against Moses (he had not taken part in Korach's conspiracy).  G-d did indeed listen to their claim and it was judged favorably. Nevertheless, this whole incident has an appearance of giving a "bribe" by the daughters' suggestion,  even though by then it had  already been more than 38 years since the incident of Korach! 
(The Rebbe now ties this  in  with  Knesset discussions on land transfers to arabs in 1979) And the important teaching from this to the religious parties  in the Knesset that receive money for the yeshivot based on how they vote is that they should have the courage, etc. not to participate in debates involving handing over territories to the enemy, Heaven forbid, because those yeshiva subsidies are "bribes !" And the "eyes of the wise are blinded by  bribery, etc. !"
How they can call it a "religious achievement" when  even by a single “yes” they place, G-d forbid, many Jews in immediate mortal danger?! 
When you get money for education by putting G-d forbid, Jews in danger, it’s impossible to get a religious education out of this. It's blood money.  And may it be G-d’s will that  it will indeed be that "The word of G-d stands forever.." and everyone will see that G-d "will not take bribes!" It’s impossible to bribe Him by building more yeshivos, etc. at such a price.  And we should be privileged soon to witness the division of the land as it will be in the future!!
(from a Fabrengen of 15 Tammuz, 5739)

 ג' חלקים מהתוועדות ט"ו תמוז ה'תשל"ט

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