05 June 2011

Two levels of Divine Providence

There are two levels of Divine Providence operating in the Universe.
 The first is G-d’s running the world based on moral behavior  as manifested  at the individual, societal, and national level. It is a manifestation of  the moral nature of Creation  and is personified by the Divine Name Elokim. This first level of Providence is associated with moral law, the reward for good and punishment for evil - and including aspects of repentance, supplication, charity, grace, and so on.  Thus, the Universe itself, by design, is moral, it is arranged so by G-d  to function in a moral matrix.  The Divine Name Elokim (usually translated as "G-d") is associated with the manifestation of G-d in nature. 

Above this level, however, is a higher level of providence, namely, G-d's Hidden Choice which isn’t necessarily always based on moral content, but is in line with the ultimate goals  of Divine design and purpose. This choice is not in accordance with how things stand in the present and past (i.e. merit, sin, compassion, gratitude, and other clear criteria of morality), but  is in accordance with the purpose of the Universe and Creation’s goals. 

And this choice is above the conditions in which the Universe finds itself now.
    This is because the first type of Divine Providence is in sync with how the world operates  at any given moment and with how people are acting whereas the second type of  Divine Providence is based on the goals that the world will achieve in the future. 

Those reflections that appear  and spread out from this radiance (i.e, through the  implementation of  Free Choice)  are the inner soul of all things, and they take into account not only the present and the past, but the future as well  and all this is above  the flow of time.
    Providence is based on achieving the ideal of taking into account not only the past and present (i.e. reason), but the future (i.e. target).  In order for the ultimate goals (as planned by G-d) to take place in the future, certain things need to happen.  Thus the first type of providence is causal and  the second is teleological (purposeful). 

All of this is contained in the Tetragrammaton  (the four-letter Divine Name, יהוה ) both  in its usual and other various forms.
    The Tetragrammaton (Ha-Shem, usually translated as "L-rd") is associated with the manifestation of G-d as the God of the Covenant, a level where His compassion is enabled to override law and causative phenomena. This is  the highest,  above-nature connection with man. 

One conclusion from this is that those events currently unfolding that cause  us pain and discomfort, may , in the future become the basis for  growth and joy. Distress associated with the current state, should be viewed by considering the current state not in isolation but as a link in the chain of past, present and future - and then it will become apparent that events and situations are not only a cause but also a purpose. That realization can help overcome frustration and disappointment when dealing with events as they unfold.

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