30 June 2011

Tammuz the 12th

On the verse (Num. 21:21)  “Israel sent messengers…”, Rashi  explains that  “in other places it states that  the mission was dependent on Moses …  these verses complement each other, this one locks and this one unlocks , i.e. reveals that  Moses is Israel and Israel  is Moses.  The leader of the generation is the whole generation and he is everything.”  This idea also explains what is stated further in the verse that “ a star will shoot from Jacob ." There are two explanations to this: 1. This is a reference to Moshiach. 2. This is a reference to all Jews since every Jew has a spark of Moshiach and Moshiach contains each one’s spark.  There’s a “spreading” or  influence of  Moses in every generation including the leader of our generation. Based on that,  we will understand  the significance of the 12th of Tammuz,the Previous Rebbe's birthday,  the descent of the the soul of the leader (the 6th Rebbe ) down below. This relates to everyone in the generation and it is within the abilities of everyone (only if he submits himself to the leader and accepts his rulership) to be an emissary and to do that which the leader needs to do to the extent that he himself becomes “like him” in actuality. 

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in the vanguard said...

You say "The leader of the generation is the whole generation and he is everything."

That's the chassidishe E=MC