06 June 2011

Rebbe's letter, Eve of Shavuos, 1960

With God's help, the Days of Restrictions.
5720 (1960) – 200th   yahrtzeit  and ascension of the Baal Shem Tov

Brooklyn, New York

Peace and blessings!

Days of limitations  which are days immediately prior to the giving of the Torah, require a particularly deep and inner reflection about what the Torah is.

The holy Torah is not a collection of laws on different subjects, rather Torah surrounds the entire person from his  first moment to his last, as well as all aspects of everyday life.

This is the inner meaning of Torah as a life-teaching.

Moreover, as explained by the Sages, Torah envelops the entire creation in all of its details. Just as before constructing a building. one needs to draw up plans. likewise, the Creator  outlined in the  Torah all of creation to its lowest level in inanimate nature.

And this leads to one of the most fundamental teachings of general Chassidus as the Baal Shem Tov points out, that the words in the Torah: "Forever, the L-rd, thy word is established in heaven" mean that the divine word  continues without interruption - "Let there be firmament" - stands firm in the heaven, as the Alter Rebbe explains in detail in the teachings of Chabad Chassidus, especially in the book "The Gate of Unity and Faith .”

This means that all  that there is - in heaven above or on earth below, all the details of their components - are alive and exist only by  the words of G-d that creates, maintains and animates them without the slightest interruption.

This implies another fundamental idea - that a private providence - direct Divine Knowledge and a general providence, surrounding all the details, refer to all creatures ranging from man,  the crown of creation, to the very smallest grain of sand.

Hence, we can conclude that, in essence, it's a clear law in the Shulchan Aruch  and a main idea of ​​Chassidus, highlighted by the Baal Shem Tov that serving the Most High should be in all ways - in all our interactions and   in detail, starting from the study of Torah and observance of 613 commandments, to the most simple of actions and events in everyday life.

And from all  the events and phenomena we need to draw lessons  in love of  G-d and fear of Him. These are sources for a Jew’s getting his spiritual energies to fulfill the Torah and the commandments, instructions and prohibitions. Thorough this, a Jew becomes filled with this internal life force and carries out  his/hers Jewish duties in the best manner possible..

Such thoughts are especially appropriate on the eve of the Baal Shem Tov’s yahrtzeit  which should lead  to implementation of all of this in all aspects of daily life, whether personal life or in  general terms in all that happens in the world.

The  spreading out of sources of Chassidus,  which is an integral, inner part of the Torah, will reach the farthest points of all creation.  This will speed up the true and complete liberation through the righteous Moshiach, when all creations will feel that "I am the -L-rd, thy G-d. "

With blessings for kabolas Torah
Be simcha and be’pnimiyus

Menachem Schneerson

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