27 December 2010

Vendyl Jones

Vendyl Jones just passed away at 3:15 this morning, Monday morning, in Texas. This is a great loss for the world as this Noachide soldier is now with G-d. He found the annointing oil for Kohanim, Kings, and the First Temple's utensils and the incense that was used in the 2nd Temple. He, at the end of his long life, wanted to drill a bore hole into the Cave of the Column in Qumran to see if the treasures of Betzalel were hidden there including the Menorah, the Golden Table, and the Ark of the Covenant. All of these things were hidden during the reign of Josaiah (Yoshiyahu), the great king of Yehudah, in the waning days of the First Temple period.

He is survived by two children who converted to Judaism and three other children who did not. I am personally aware of Sarah Richardson of Ma'aleh Levonah here in Israel and another son formerly of Mitzpeh Yericho whose name I cannot remember right now. The 600 kilograms of incense that Vendyl found in 1992 are actually being stored in Ma'aleh Levonah, which means Bringing Up Levonah. Levonah is frankincense, one of the eleven spices in the Incense and one of the its major ingredients. How appropriate.

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