24 January 2010

A snapshot of a B.T.Chabadnik view on Moshiach

Some pertinent CHAZALs to help clear up the confusion:

  1. CHAZAL: Dor Moshiach's neshamos are gilgulim of Dor Hamidbar.
  2. CHAZAL: Dor Acharon's Emuna (b'divrei Moshe) will be tested as was Dor Rishon's faith.
  3. CHAZAL: Geulas Moshiach will follow the same pattern as Geulas Mitzrayim.
  4. CHAZAL: Moshe Rabbeinu proclaims the good news "pokod pokadety"
  5. CHAZAL: Moshe's words fall on deaf ears! Most of bnei yisroel don't believe moshe! Only a handful take his words literally!
  6. CHAZAL: Moshe takes off, He disappears, Galus then gets even darker, more difficult...
  7. CHAZAL: Most jews disbelieved HIS words bc of the continued and increased darkness of Galus, and the apparent absence off moshe.
  8. CHAZAL: Suddenly Moshe Returns, and leads the jews out of Galus,
  9. CHAZAL: NOW ALL jews believed!
  10. CHAZAL: the same pattern will unfold b'Dor Acharon, with the Revelation of Moshiach and the ultimate Geulah
  11. CHAZAL: (stage of NIGLA ) first moshiach is be revealed, but on a small scale. at that time he will proclaim "anovim higia zman geulaschem"

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