30 November 2009

Orange Tefilin

 Below:  a Buddist monk of Jewish origin dons tefillin.


In India and other countries that practice the Vedic religion, people commit a tragic mistake - God is equated with  the various "managers" of the universe, the various forces that govern it. The people who live there refer to G-d as the Supreme Being, and thus it is assumed that there are some other beings - demigods, even gods. Many other concepts and practices of the Torah (everything except the Unity of God) - are carefully preserved, studied, and passed on among these peoples.

Often people ask what what came first,  the Vedas or the Torah? That which Abraham transmitted to his sons born from Ktura did precede chronologically the giving of the Torah in a simple sense, but the Torah as the basis or the matrix of Creation had, of course, existed before that.  Therefore, we must assert the primacy of the Torah over the Vedas because the Vedas were taught by Abraham to his sons sent to the East. The Torah in this case is understood as a universal knowledge first revealed to by  the Creator to Adam.

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