10 March 2009


There is an inescapable logic and interconeectedness to the events described in the «Megilas Esther». It so happens that the material world is a reflection of the spiritual worlds. The following is a brief explanation of some basic concepts brought out in the Megillah.
«The King» - the essence of the Infinite Divine light, showing in all the worlds connected with the Creator, as He is.

«King Achashverosh» - a name consisting of two words: «achash» - «silence», which means a very high, undisclosed level of Divine light, «Rosh» - a bitter poisonous grass, a symbol of sin and evil (the lowest level of creation) and the connection of these two words by means of a flow of light from the «top» and its enclothing down below to help the souls of Jews to rise from that level.

«The Royal Palace» - The World of Atzilus.

«The Garden Courtyard of the Royal Palace» - The Gan Eden of the world of Briya.

«Women's House» - Jewish souls in the Gan Eden of the world of Briya.

«Queen Vashti» - the light of the sfira of Malchus of the world of Atzilus, creating «klipot» in the lower world and concealing itself within them (the vital force of the most unclean «klipot»).
«Shushan the capital» - means a concealment of the light of Machus of Atzilus in our lower world full of evil and unclean klipos (Shushan, literally «a rose», there’s a known expression of the Sages - «a rose, hiding in the prickly thorns»).

«Egay» - (from the word «egen», which means the thoughts of the heart prior to the emergence of speech) - an intermediate step between the worlds of Atzilus and Briya. This stage is a downward «mediator» making possible the disclosure of its external dimensions to the lower worlds of creation.

«Egay - King’s eunuch, guardian of women» - the internal goal of this stage is to be a source of light crating Jewish souls ( «women») in the world of Briya ( «The Women’s House ») and provides them with everything necessary.

«Mordechai» - the sfira of «chochma» of Atzilus, the source of self-sacrifice in the name of God, which grants its force to the Jewish people.

«Esther» - the totality of the Jewish souls in exile (Divine Light and Divine forces are hidden in them at this time), the source of the souls is Malchus ( «Queen Esther»), whose root is in the highest levels of the Divine Light.

The name Homan is the embodiment of the Serpent who seduced Chava. This is hinted at by the mention of the Tree of Good and Evil: «…is it form this tree…» (הַמִן העץ... .הָמַן)

The spiritual source of Haman, however, is higher than the Tree of the Good and Evil, above Daas (knowledge). In order to overwhelm this klipah there needs to an involvement of the light from a level above Daas, a level not reachable by consciousness. This is what is meant by “ a tree with a heigt of 50 amos” a hint at the 50 gates of Binah (understanding) connected with the Ein Sof which is above Atzilus.

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