06 March 2009

Moshiach Alive When he appears otherwise

"Tzaddikim that never benefitted from this world, they still exist in body and soul...and with certainty [Moshiach's] burial won't take place, only on that day in the eyes of the world being that the world is judged after the majority, but [depsite appearances] he will be alive in body and soul like the case with Rabbeinu Hakadosh"

Bnei Yissachar, Igra Dachla, p' Re'eh p.206

"Everyone will imagine of him (of the last sprout from the root of Yehuda - the King Moshiach) that his last day arrived, that his essence is nullified...but behold specifically that time, when history has buried him, they will already order the coffin for his body...'to him nations shall gather', the man shall rise and inherit the 'gatherings of nations.'"

Shimshon Raphael Hirsch, p' Vayechi 49:6

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