20 February 2009

Give to schools and stand firm

The Rebbe's Advice #60
A Jew’s physicality and spirituality go together. The sages explain the verse, “yikum asher bragleihem” (Deuteronomy 11:6), as a reference to one’s money.

(Literally the verse refers to Doson and Aviram, who were swallowed alive into the earth because they joined Korach in rebelling against Moshe and Aron. The Torah says that they went with their houses, tents, and feet which sustain the person in the sense that, without the feet, one would not be able to stand upright. Likewise, this applies to a person’s money, which sustains the person).

It is appropiate for you to increase your tzedaka, particularly to educational institutions which are involved with the education of Jewish children. Children are the future of our people and consequently are indeed the ones who sustain the Jewish nation.

Igros Kodesh, Volume 19, p. 103

Compiled by Rabbi Chaim Dalfin

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