04 January 2009

G-d's cleanup manual

A few more days and the war in Gaza will go into a protracted one. In our case it's anything longer than a week. And the powers that be will continue feeding us platitudes that there is no military solution. How can there be one when the enemy is called «innocent civilians»? It's like trying to make a place neat without picking a broom.

The fact that the daily attacks on Israel by dozens of missiles have resulted in almost no casualties is understandable. Hashem is watching over us and the cutthroats' launchers aren't the most accurate. But the fact that hundreds of missions carried out using cutting-edge modern weaponry haven't resulted in stamping out the terror wave it is a crime. One such is the bombing of Hananiye's, Hamas' ringleader's house. Why wasn't he killed? He was warned beforehand! And the IAF took out an empty house...

This type of war won't have any meaning in the long run. Everyone realizes that. The following was heard on TV's Channel 2: «Today, in Beersheva classes were canceled in schools, and if Moshiach does not come tomorrow, and he won't, then tomorrow there will be no classes either».

That they remember Moshiach is good and well. Hope remains that they will start expecting him every minute. But the cleanup will need to still be done by us. Hashem drove this point home after Abraham hosted and feted three Arabs. In the process he felt he needed to slaughtger three calves to prepare tongue for each one.God remarked that the fact that he was hospitable beyond all measure (killing three calves) was not Abraham's merit. It was Hashem, after all, who had granted him this character trait. And because his desendants were destined to oversee justice in the world, Hashem needed to give Abraham an object lesson in the craft. So Hashem went ahead and overturned Soddom and Gemora. In fact, the whole world expects the Jews to do so and hates us for dilly-dallying and for waiting for Moshiach to finish the job.

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