10 December 2008

Zohar HaKadosh: Mumbai and Moshiach

The Divine Spirit will go and return to Moshe Rabenu for 70 days. At the end of the 70 days, the pain of Am Israel will ascend to the Holy King. One Synagogue in the South will be destroyed and lost and five true Tzaddikim will be amongst the dead.

At the end of the 32 days since the murder of the people in that Synagogue, HKB'H will put on a garment of outrage aimed at the little Shofar (the Kingdom) and Moshiach ben Efraim will spread, like a ram whose horns go upwards.

And the little Shofar (the Kingdom) will blow Tru'a Tekia Tru'a 3 times and a tremendous noise will descend on the world from the blowing of the Shofar and the whole world will see and hear.

Impurities will be completely wiped from the Holy Land and Yishmael will wage 3 wars with Moshiach. And they will come and bow down to the Master of the Universe in Yerushalayim, and the wars will be in the sixth millennium.

The terrorists attacked and murdered the Kdoishim in Mumbai on Wednesday night, November 26, Cheshvan 29.

70 days prior to November 26 was Wednesday, September 17, 2008 - the day the stock market plunged 449 points and Islamist militants attacked the US embassy in the Yemeni capital Sanaa.


Chaim said...

I saw this identical post on Dreaming Of Moshiach. just curious who originally posted this.

Devorah said...

I think Nava posted it first. I also think that it is confusing if you publish someone else's post and do not credit the original. Same thing for the photo above this post, which was originally published by TheCoolJew.net

Chaim said...

I wonder why the owner of this blog has not commented on this yet? I hope he or she does soon.

Anonymous said...

Will the owner/editor of this site please answer the above questions. Why do you choose to remain silent?

L'Ariber said...

I got this via an email,not sure where it's from.