11 December 2008


Many aspects of the movements of the celestial bodies are explained in the Talmud and kabalistic writings. It’s known that each celestial body is a reflection of different universal properties and the planets reflect the most prevalent qualities.

The onset of the Era of Goodness is characterized by many signs and prophecies associated with the movement of celestial bodies.

In the prophecies of Balaam it states «A star shall shoot forth from Yaakov ». The commentators explain: «This is King Moshiach».

In the Zohar in several places it’s mentioned that celestial signs are a sign of the Moshiach’s arrival.

In early kabalistic writings specific mention is made of Jupiter (Tsedek) as a sign of Moshiach’s immenent approach.

«TSEDEK» is Hebrew for justice and justice is a basic quality of G-d and therefore of His Anointed One. Other appellations include «Malki Zedek», «TSEMAH TSEDEK», or «MOSHIAH TSEDEK».

Kabbalah understands Justice as being equivalent of Mercy/Compassion which is a synthesis of Kindness (Right Line) and Severity (Left Line). In other words - only a merciful judge can be fair.

Thus, one of the first signs of the arrival of the King Moshiach is Jupiter (Tsedek).

Planet TSEDEK has twice as much weight as all the planets of the solar system combined.

Researchers point out that the planet is 318 times bigger than the Earth. Interestingly enough, the gematria of שיח is 318, add a מ and you have םשיח (Messiah).

Another interesting feature of Jupiter is that emits several times more energy than it receives from the Sun! This is also one of the properties of Moshiach - «studying the Torah, like his predecessor, David» (Rambam, Laws of Kings). King Moshiah’s Torah study benefits everyone.

Recently we have been witness to a rare phenomenon - a parade of two planets – Nóga (Venus) and Tsedek (Jupiter). This event happens every few years but it usually takes place during daytime and is generally not easily observed. The last time this was easily observable occurred about two thousand years ago.

Above is a depiction of how the planets appear in the Holy Land. Notice the smile.

Moshiach Immediately!

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