13 October 2008

G-d Blues

When You're Uninterested In G-d

All year around, G-d's light is communicated to us as a result of the choices we make in our lives. The more we fine tune our bodies and psyches to the higher truth of reality, the more we allow ourselves to hear echoes of the still, silent voice of G-d, resonating in the depth of our souls.

Throughout the year we experience G-d's presence only through our endless efforts and toil to refine our behavior and spiritualize our days. When we meditate, pray, reflect, study and live morally and holy, we may catch a glimpse of G-d's love toward us. When you declare a war against your immoral temptations and ugly cravings, you can at times sense a reciprocal kiss from G-d.

Throughout the year, we enjoy a reciprocal relationship with G-d. G-d might talk to you, He may even kiss you or gaze at you, but with one condition: You must show Him your face. If you don't turn your back on Him, He will be there for you in ways you might have never imagined.
his unique festival, G-d embraces you. He shares His light and love with you unconditionally.

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