21 September 2008

Moshiach, water and milk.

When Sisra escaped and hid in Yael's tent, he ordered Yael, a'h, to bring him water, but instead she gave him milk - מַיִם שָׁאַל חָלָב נָתָנָה

Sisera knew he was going to get killed and he purposely asked for water because he wanted to know...
מַיִם - מתי יבוא משיח - When will Moshiach come?

Yael gave him milk instead of water, thereby answering him:
חָלָב - חייבים לחזור בתשובה - We must repent!

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Anonymous said...

I just read this same thing on Dreaming of Moshiach.... except she wrote it last night, and it was her husband's dream.
so what's the story..... did you take her blog posting?