15 August 2008

Told you so...

Egyptian Spy Scandal Realizes Rebbe’s Prophecy
Former Egyptian ambassador to Israel Muhammad Bassiouny, a high-ranking intelligence officer, admitted that he served as an Egyptian spy during his tenure. “I was sent there to be planted as an intelligence officer, Do you really think I worked there as an ambassador?” he said.

As anticipated, Bassiouny’s statements caused a storm. However, it is important to note that the Rebbe cautioned against this happening 28 years ago at the farbrengen on Purim 5740. At the time, the Rebbe was speaking about Israel’s weakness in the face of the non-Jewish nations.

“While they (Israelis) are celebrating and claiming that the situation has never been so good, that a certain nation has an embassy in Israel, they are completely ignoring the fact that it is an ‘open door’ to spies in the embassy or the nearby building, for anyone who comes into this building will have to treat him with respect, pleasantness, and peace.”

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