09 July 2008

Gimmel Tammuz Redux

Recently, a tablet dubbed "Gabriel's Revelation," has been publicized. The tablet dates back to several decades before J*sus's birth and announces the raising of the Messiah after three days in the grave. If correct, this places the concept of a Messiah's resurrection firmly within Jewish traditions of the day.

Israel Knohl, an expert in Talmudic and biblical language at Jerusalem's Hebrew University  told a conference of Biblical experts on Tuesday in Jerusalem,   "Earlier scholars say Judaism was unfamiliar with the concept of a Messiah who suffered, died and rose, 

but this inscription changes that."

"Knohl's idea of a rising Messiah in Judaism, one who pre-dates Christianity may be correct. All the elements are there [in the tablet]. But I'm perhaps more cautious than he is." Jeselsohn says that while the discovery may question "the uniqueness" of J*sus' Resurrection, "Nonetheless, it gives credibility to the belief that [Jews at that time] were expecting a Messiah" — one who would rise from the grave.

 Chassidus explains in many places that these 3 days are not literal, but correspond to 3 states of Divine revelation and relationship. The exact message of the tablet is also unclear. What is clear is that on Gimmel Tammuz , which is the day marking the concelament/removal of one who many believe is Moshiach, there is an article in the New York Times saying the Resurrection of Moshiach is a Jewish,  not a chr-tian concept! That is an unbelievable providential message and sign for one who already believes  as many do. It is not a proof , nor basis for anything. (To understand the basics would  take a longer historical/philosophical/halachic discussion starting with the basic definition of Chabad Chassidus and its purpose. ) 

This can be seen as a very public beginning of the erosion of Jewish knee jerk reaction against a resurrected Moshiach or simply just putting a resurrected Jewish Moshiach into public consciousness. Again providentially occurring on gimmel Tammuz.

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