07 May 2008

Today is the Day

The Talmud tells about the Messiah sitting at the gates of Rome and when he asked "When will you finally come?" The Messiah replies "Today." Today in Hebrew is היום

There are four exiles that the Jewish people have gone through and there are four redeemers associated with each one:

  1. The first exile was in Egypt, the redeemer was Moshe Rabbeinu, his name מֹשֶׁה ends in a ה (the first letter of היום)
  2. The second exile was in Persia, the redeemer there was Mordechai (מָרְדֳּכַי,), his name ends in a י
  3. The third exile was at the time of the Greek domination and the redeemer was Mattisyahu Maccabee (מתתיהו), his name ends in a ו.
  4. The last and final redeemer will be Menachem (מְנַחֵם), his name ending in a ם

Thus we have the word היום alluding to all the four redeemers!

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