12 May 2008

Reb Zusha's Lesson

Reb Zusha lived very modestly and was known for his selflessness. He did have a secret patron who, form time to time would slip the tzaddik a few coins, unbeknownst to him.

This patron’s business began to prosper and he thought to himself “if this poor man Zusha can do so much for me, why don’t I go to his teacher! Surely I’ll get even more good from him!”

He immediately made a donation to Dov Ber from Mezritch but the following day his affairs worsened. Not understanding what was happening, the businessman went back to Reb Zusha for an explanation which was as follows: “So long as a person supports others without making distinctions, likewise Hashem makes no distinctions. But as soon as as person gets choosy, Hashem starts acting the same way.”

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