18 March 2008

Until Purim...

Approximately 8 weeks ago, HaRav HaMekubal Tidhar Shlita of Kochav Yaakov told his students a dream and revealed the warnings he received from Shamayim of what will happen until Purim:

1. The dollar will plummet and by Purim, its value will stand at 3.36 shekels;
2. There will be high-alert in the IDF;
3. Remove money from bank.

The holy Kabbalist Rabbi Elazar Abuchatzeira Shlita* (son of the holy Baba Sali, zs'kl) has been urging people to be in Eretz Israel by Purim and said that something very significant will happen between Purim and Pesach.

* The holy Rabbi Elazar Abuchatzeira Shlita resides in Be'er Sheva. Although the Kadosh Elyon Rabbi Elazar Abuchatzeira Shlita does not speak much, it is known that when he speaks about future occurrences, it has always been extremely precise.

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