26 February 2008

"The Baba Sali says the Jews already won the war"

There are these two boys living in Jerusalem who have been making statements regarding Moshiach's Coming and current events. The boys do not come from a particularly observant or chassidic family.

"Out of nowhere one of Eli's brothers said "The Baba Sali says the Jews already won the war!"

Back in December the youngest brother said he thinks Word War III is going to happen.
But now the 7 year old is saying there's not going to be a war. Suddenly he announced out of nowhere "The Baba Sali says the Jews already won the war!"

They boys continued to argue about it, and they said different opinions if this is a physical war or a spiritual war.
The youngest was asked when it would be: before Purim? Before Pesach? He said "no" and said "on the other one" (meaning Sukkos). So he was asked "before or after Sukkos", he said on Sukkos. I asked him if it will be at the beginning of Sukkos or at the end and he said at the end.

The end of Sukkos is Hoshana Rabba, which is stated in various seforim as the time of Gog uMagog (!).

The one thing that all three boys agree on is that Jews will not be harmed.

And the little one, who thinks World War III will begin on Hoshana Raba, said that no Jew would be scared. I asked him "what about aunt *** or grandma ***" (who are not-yet religious) and he said they wouldn't be scared either. So I asked "how can that be?" He replied "it just is."

Eli said, about 2 1/2 years ago:

-A flood of water will go all the way up above all the buildings. Jews (including non-religious Jews) and righteous non-Jews will float up and up on the water to shomayim (Heaven). "The water will be a mikvah (spiritual cleansing) to clean out our tamei (sic) from all the tamei (impure) things we did." This will take away our yetzer hara (evil inclination). While we are visiting the highest levels of shomayim, the water will receed. Then "the Jews will come down in a single parachute", landing in Eretz Yisrael, then suddenly "each of us will be back in our place, like magic." We will remember everything we saw. This experience will make non-religious Jews want to do "half" the mitzvos when they come back down. The "holy fire" (below) will make them do the other half, as well.

There will be "holy fire" that will make righteous gentiles want to convert ("their last chance to convert before Moshiach") Those righteous gentiles who don't want to convert will be "forced" to convert by the "holy fire".

This "holy fire" will also "force" all non-observant Jews to accept the mitzvos of the Torah. "

In Chassidus, "water" is a metaphor for ahavas (love of) Hashem, and "fire" is a metaphor for yiras (fear/awe of) Hashem. A flood of water is a flood of the "ahava mesuteres" (hidden love) that [i]every Jewish neshoma possesses by its nature, which brings to tshuva m'ahava (the expansive repentence from love, not the selfish repentance from fear). Love of Hashem is the source of "half the mitzvos" (the positive mitzvos are all contained within "I am Hashem your G-d") and fear/awe of Hashem is the source of the other "half" (the negative mitzvos, contained within the statement "You shall have no other gods before Me")

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