16 September 2007


Some 50 Yesha residents were waiting for rides home at 3 PM this afternoon when they unwittingly played a role in what could be called a clear case of Divine intervention. It began when a soldier stationed at the "trempiada" (bus stop and hitch-hiking station) on the Ma'aleh Adumim road adjacent to the Jerusalem neighborhood of French Hill noticed a large, unattended, rose-colored backpack.

Arutz-7 correspondent Ron Meir - on his way home to Beit El from Jerusalem at the time - described the incident:

"After asking around and discovering that it did not belong to anyone there, the soldier followed army protocol and summoned the police bomb-disposal unit. Police vans quickly arrived, and over the megaphone, they instructed us to move hundreds of feet away from the feared blast. Within a few minutes, they blew up the backpack - so that it would not blow up by itself - and that was that.

"A few minutes later, I entered a car with Beit El resident Yosef Abramson, who said that he talked to the bomb disposal expert after the blast. 'And do you want to hear something interesting?' he asked us. 'It wasn't a bomb at all. The bag belonged to a teenager who contacted the police when he realized that he'd left it behind. I was there when the sapper went to inspect the backpack, after it was blown up. Everything in it was either burnt or torn to shreds, except for two items: the boy's tallit and tefillin. The tallit bag was only slightly singed, and the tefillin bag was untouched.

"But sapper said he wasn't particularly surprised. He said that in his six years on the job, he's blown up many similar 'suspicious packages' - and not once had the tefillin inside been damaged!"

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