19 August 2007

Are we there yet?

Several years ago European scientists picked up on an interesting phenomenon: bodies buried over the past few decades have been decomposing very slowly or have not been decaying at all. This occurrence was addressed at a specially convened conference in Munich, Germany. Many of the participants concluded that the slow decay is due to changes in the ecology which have resulted in the disappearance of a whole type of bacteria responsible for decomposition.
It’s a known dictum that the bodies of tzaddikim do not decompose but here we’re talking about the common people!
There is a very interesting paragraph from an address the Rebbe gave on 17 Tammuz, 5748 (July 2, 1988) in which he said the following:
“May we be privileged to witness soon, in our days, the fulfillment of the prophecy “You will be gathered one by one, sons of Israel, including those about whom it says “Those that dwell in the dust will shout and sing” including specifically those who have passed away recently for whom it will be easier to “sing and shout.”

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