06 August 2007

Light me up

Talmid: Rebbe, what’s a chosid?
Rebbe: A chossid is someone who lights all the lamps he encounters on his way.
Talmid: But what if the lamp is in the desert?
Rebbe: You need to go out and light it so that the desert’s emptiness will become noticeable

Talmid: What if the lamp is at sea?

Rebbe: then you need to jump in and light it.

Talmid: yes, that’s a chossid, but Rebbe, I don’t see any lamps!

Rebbe: that’s because you’re not a lamplighter!

Talmid: so how do you become one?

Rebbe: by first removing the evil from within you, then you will see the lamp that needs to be lit in the other.

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