18 July 2007

Zion will be redeemed with justice

“ציון במשפט תפדה ושביה בצדקה׃” Zion will be redeemed with justice and her captivity with righteousness (Isaiah 1:27).
The Alter Rebbe relates this quote to another one - I command you these words today, “today” as meaning every day so that the commandments should be as new in your eyes, daily. He adds that the way to achieve that is to engage in meditation on the quote - These are the words that I command you today.
Since the existence of all the worlds results from the aspect of Malchus which is itself only the Ora (radiance), the fulfillment of the commandments in this world represents a flow-influence of the Essence. And since it is Anochi – I (Hashem) who issues the commandments, it then follows that one hour of good deeds and repentance in this world is greater than the entire existence in the World-to-Come. This is because the World-to-Come originates solely from the Ray of the Divine Presence (Shchina) and repentance and good deeds in this world are the Flow-influence and Essence.
And since I command you these words today, the emphasis is on today … to receive a reward for their fulfillment. The reward for the commandments in this world results from the Ray. This awareness and meditation will arouse the realization that the commandments are indeed for today so that each and every day these matters will be appreciated as being renewed for that specific day. This represents an ideal situation as it should be, but if that is not the case then the joy or bitterness brought about by material things of this world will then result in the G-dly spark that’s within a Jew to be exiled in his animal soul “like a sheep that is silent before its shearers” (Isaiah 53-7). And this is the meaning of Zion will be redeemed with justice and her captivity in righteousness.
Also what needs to be understood is that the fulfillment of commandments may become routine even though they are performed with alacrity. Still, they don’t hold a key position in a person’s overall existence and he is preoccupied with the earthly matters. That’s why the emphasis is on “ke’chadoshim”, they should be related to as if received today anew. This is helped by meditating on the principle that it is “Anochi” – “I” who is giving the commandments and this leads to a hamshocha of Atzmus

This is much higher than reward for the mitzvos in this world which is only a ziv (ray) of the Shchina.
The enjoyment derived from the ray of Shchina is great indeed so that meditation on the reward for fulfilling mitzvahs will result in a tremendous vitality and alacrity. And the way to insure that the mitzvahs remain “renewed, today” is to meditate on the awesomeness of “Anochi metzave ha’yom” on the fact that Hashem is commanding right now as opposed to fulfilling the mitzvahs tomorrow which will have its own reward.

One way to insure that the mitzvahs remain “renewed, today” is to understand that this is connected to reaching an aspect that’s above any changes. This is especially so since the World is where time and place are operational. Time implies change and in order to reach a level that’s not subject to change there needs to be a revelation of Or Ein Sof (OEN) that’s not enclothed which is Or HaSovev (the transcendent light). The enclothed light – Or Hamemale (the immanent light) is responsible for vitalizing created beings based on their particularities.

Therefore, to reach the level of where the mitzvahs are “renewed, today” there needs to a fusion between the Sovev and the Memaleh.

To summarize, the level of Zion in the soul is the level which can’t be captured or controlled by the animal soul. The way to strengthen the level of Zion is through learning Torah whereas the redemption of the Shvia level of the soul (captives) is accomplished through tzedakah.

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