24 July 2007

The horses and me

The Ruzhiner Rav used to ride in a carriage pulled by a pair of excellent horses. Whenever the carriage came to a hill, the Rav would get out and climb the hill on foot. After reaching the hilltop he would get back in the carriage.

But Rebbe! – his students would exclaim. –The horses receive excellent care, they are fed the best food, and spend the nights in a warm stable. Their only responsibility is to take you on a leisurely ride for an hour a day! Would they really get overworked if they went up the hill once in a while?

-Perhaps you’re right, -answered the Rav. –After 120 years I will stand before the Heavenly Court and maybe the horses will accuse me of extreme cruelty. I will then offer your arguments and will be probably be acquitted. But who’d want to deal with a horse in front of G-d?!

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